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BS 8

Becoming Stronger in the Last Days (6)

Seeing Jiang Weiyuan return, the group of people immediately cheered up. If they could, they wanted to loudly slap the pot on the stranger, but now they were all controlled by the other’s abilities. They didn’t dare to mess in this situation, and could only use their eyes to indicate their current situation.

If you really want to say, these people and Jiang Weiyuan didn´t know each other well, but now that the he had clearly noticed the car, he couldn’t just sit back and watch.

But the hostage was in the hands of the other party.

“That car is broken, even if you take it, it’s useless.” Jiang Weiyuan chose to try to communicate with this person first. If there was no need, he didn´t want to confront an ability user. Of course, if it was necessary, he won’t shrink from conflict.

What he said was the truth, he couldn’t completely repair the engine of the off-road vehicle. If the other party robbed the vehicle and went to seek military shelter, then he would be disappointed.

Shen Moyan didn’t expect Jiang Weiyuan to appear here at this time, but it didn’t matter if he appeared here.

He looked towards this person who would become the strongest person in the future. Jiang Weiyuan had the appearance of a strong person in all the stories. His appearance was handsome and calm, and his personality was mature and restrained. It seemed that he could become a central figure wherever he is placed.

But compared to these, Shen Moyan cared more about if Jiang Weiyuan, who had not yet grown up, was killed now, would the system determine that his mission was completed? Shen Moyan still didn’t know if the current strength of Jiang Weiyuan had reached the level of his own body, nor could he be sure whether he was his opponent, who had just received the ability for a short time.

Jiang Weiyuan was nervously paying close attention to the man’s every move, but fortunately, the other party did not seem to mean anything inconsistent, even if he heard him say that the engine was malfunctioning, he didn’t show any surprised look.

“I have the engine.” After he said that, Jiang Weiyuan was slightly startled.

He was trapped in this place because the engine was broken. After the end of the world, many people would want to find their family members. Jiang Weiyuan also urgently needed to repair his car. His family was in the west, where the outbreak of zombies was most severe, he desperately needed a good engine.

So how eager was Jiang Weiyuan to go to the west, could he get along with these people who desperately wanted to drive to the east to escape? What agreement did they reach? Can Jiang Weiyuan agree to lend them the car and flee to the east?

Shen Moyan looked at Xu Cheng and the others here, and then said to Jiang Weiyuan, who was waiting, “I need to go west. If you are on the same road, then we can go together. I will get out the engine and you will the car.”

Xu Cheng, who was originally glanced at by Shen Moyan, only found it inexplicable to hear his words, and suddenly his face turned blue, and other people’s faces were also bad. They did not expect that Shen Moyan would say such a thing.

Among them, only Jiang Weiyuan’s expression eased a lot. When he learned that the other party happened to have an engine, he really thought that if he was a person who he couldn’t communicate with, then even if he paid a little price, he should leave the engine behind. Now Shen Moyan said that, it was the best result for him.

This person seemed to speak better than he expected. Even so, the other party’s abilities were still hanging over Xu Cheng and the others. Jiang Weiyuan didn’t dare to relax his vigilance at him immediately, “We are also going west, if you are on the same road, of course you can cooperate, but you have to let them go before that.”

“You want to go west too?”

Although the person Shen Moyan was watching was Jiang Weiyuan, this question was undoubtedly was for Xu Cheng and others. Xu Cheng’s face was blue and white. What else could he say now? Said that they were just coaxing Jiang Weiyuan, originally planning to find the engine and throw him down at night and run away by themselves?

Of course, they couldn’t say it!

If they fight and lose, then the car and engine would not be theirs. Who knew that these two people wouldn´t fight when they met? let alone fight, even the dialogue was polite and calm.

This Jiang Weiyuan was talking about forming a temporary alliance with them, but he didn’t expect to be so horrified at a critical time! Xu Cheng sighed fiercely in his heart, but nodded repeatedly on his face.

“Yeah, yeah! We are going to the west too! We all misunderstood before! It was a misunderstand! Missing!” Xu Cheng didn’t dare to say too much, because he was afraid that Jiang Weiyuan would notice something, and he was afraid that Shen Moyan would say something too.

This should be quite funny. If anyone stands in the position of Shen Moyan, they would laugh now, but Shen Moyan did not laugh. It seemed that he really believed their nonsense, so just he accepted it. He moved his ability, the iron thorns that were still floating suddenly lost control and fell to the ground, turning into ordinary scrap iron.

Jiang Weiyuan didn’t ask them what misunderstanding they had caused. Now that the negotiation had been done, the other party had indeed stopped and expressed sincerity first, so it seemed a bit reluctant to pursue it any more.

He was the first to report his name. After getting the other party’s name and destination, Jiang Weiyuan was surprised to find that the other party’s destination was the same as his. They did not know each other, and after the end of the world came, Jiang Weiyuan thought he had nothing of value on him to be missed, so for the first time he felt a connection.

Shen Moyan was not good at equipment, at least he had never touched the equipment in this world. Of course, give him some time to check the introduction of the system library and he could also repair the off-road vehicle by himself, but in the presence of Jiang Weiyuan, it was just a waste of time for him to go and study it.

The person with the strongest ability in the future ran to repair the car, Shen Moyan sat in a chair next to the gas station, holding a small piece of iron in his hand, practicing the control of his ability. Judging from his current knowledge of his own abilities, his ability was probably to control these irons, no matter how hard the iron was, in his hands it was as soft as water, but the amount and precision used to control were still limited.

After being freed, Xu Cheng and others no longer dared to approach Shen Moyan casually, but they couldn’t be too obvious, so they casually said something to prepare dinner, and hid in the gas station supermarket.

Through the glass of the supermarket, they saw that Jiang Weiyuan seemed to be talking to Shen Moyan while repairing the car. Jiang Weiyuan was also guarding against them at the beginning, but he looked very relaxed now, as if he was chatting with a friend.

Through the glass, they couldn’t hear exactly what they were saying, but Xu Cheng, who had a guilty conscience, had bad intentions.

They decided to take advantage of the night to steal the repaired off-road vehicle and escape overnight. This was originally their plan at the beginning, but they only needed to guard against one ability user at the time, but now they were become two.

Although there were risks, none of these risks could be compared to the death of the west side. Isn’t that like banging your head on a nail!

They made a plan and decided to do it tonight!

It was said to be the preparation of dinner, but in fact in the supermarket there was only noodles, at best it noodles with two sausages, the preparation was only seven or eight minutes.

After eating, Xu Cheng took the initiative to carry the flashlight and went to help Jiang Weiyuan illuminate.

“Brother Jiang, when will this car be repaired?” He didn’t know if Shen Moyan had mentioned to Jiang Weiyuan the specific content of their previous ‘little misunderstanding’, but it didn’t seem like Jiang Weiyuan’s attitude had changed. It looked like he didn´t say anything.

Xu Cheng didn’t know what Shen Moyan wanted to do. It was precisely because he couldn’t guess the purpose of the other party that he became more and more shaky.

“It will another hour or two.” Jiang Weiyuan didn’t do this job originally. He just knows more about auto parts than others. Changing the engine was not a big problem for him, but it won’t be fast. “let’s rest here for another night and leave early tomorrow morning.”

“Oh oh.” Xu Cheng nodded repeatedly.

His gaze swept to one side, only to find that a figure came out of the supermarket and walked into the woods alone. He instantly recognized the person as Shen Moyan, even though he was not convinced, even the back was really good looking. What was he doing in the woods at this time?

Xu Cheng watched his figure disappear under the trees, and his mind suddenly became active. He didn’t mention this discovery with Jiang Weiyuan. Quietly, he continued in front of the brother as if nothing happened, holding the flashlight.

Sure enough, even when Jiang Weiyuan had repaired the car, he still didn’t come back.

It was already late at this time. When Jiang Weiyuan asked, Xu Cheng said, “He said he couldn’t sleep with us. He went to find a place to sleep by himself. He will probably be back tomorrow morning.”

“Brother Jiang, you have been repairing the car for so long, and the brothers are too embarrassed to let you watch the night, we take turns to watch, you go to sleep first.”

 Jiang Weiyuan didn’t think much about it. The first time he met Xu Cheng and the others, the situation was much more beautiful than Shen Moyan´s. It could be said that Jiang Weiyuan saved the lives of this group of people. Originally Jiang Weiyuan reason was to go to the road outside to find if there were any abandoned cars. He had been busy for a day, and he was indeed tired.

There was a small warehouse next to the gas station supermarket. After deciding on the two people who would be watching the night, the others looked for blankets to clean the warehouse and each found a corner to make up for sleep.

The night was very quiet, there were no other sounds except for the bugs outside the house. The three people who were asleep in the house had made an appointment, opened their eyes, and took a peek at whether Jiang Weiyuan was asleep. After confirming that the other party was indeed breathing smoothly with his eyes closed, they made a gesture to each other and walked out of the warehouse lightly.

All the senses of ordinary people will be amplified after becoming a ability user, and the original inconspicuous sound of closing the door was very clear to Jiang Weiyuan, he woke up almost instantaneously.

At first, he just thought that someone had gone to the bathroom, but when he opened his eyes and found that the entire warehouse was empty, and the sound of the car engine was coming from outside the house, how could he not understand.

 His face suddenly became gloomy. If these people had read the original story like Shen Moyan, they would had known that Jiang Weiyuan was not as good at talking as he seemed on the surface. What he hated most was betrayal.

What’s more, the people who betrayed him now are those he once rescued, which made him feel extremely angry at this time.

The door of the warehouse was locked, Jiang Weiyuan sullen his face and kicked open the seemingly solid iron door.

The iron gate that crashed to the ground was exploded with blue-purple electric lights. Xu Cheng and the others had noticed such a big movement. They understood that it was not good, and they didn’t care about the supplies that hadn’t been delivered to the car. They just stepped on the accelerator.

The accelerator was indeed stepped on, but the car did not move.

“Damn, can you drive?! Just change with me!” Xu Cheng couldn’t wait to throw the driver out of the car and drive by himself. From the rearview mirror, he could see that Jiang Weiyuan was unhurried. Step by step, Xu Cheng’s saw an expression that had never seen before.

 ——Like wanting to kill them alive.

“I drove my dad’s car outside when I was 15 years old! It’s this car that doesn’t move by itself!” The driver was sweating profusely.

On the contrary, Xu Cheng reacted, “Fuck! Electromagnetic?!”

He moved very quickly to open the door on his side, even when he touched the door and was numbed with electric hands, he didn’t stop moving.

When other people saw Xu Cheng escaping from the car, they immediately tried to get out of the car, but the first person who wanted to get out of the car after Xu Cheng escaped was caught by Jiang Weiyuan by the collar and pulled out from the car.

Xu Cheng only heard the screams of people behind him begging for mercy. He was thankful that he responded quickly, otherwise he would have to fall into Jiang Weiyuan’s hands.

He also didn’t expect that Jiang Weiyuan would turn his face so quickly. That completely different aura from the past made even the thought of saying good things and begging for mercy disappear.

But what if he had an ability, as long as he could escape into the forest, the lightning ability did not have the function of finding someone. As long as he saved his life, he had a chance to escape to the military refuge, and he would be saved by then, even if he run into him in the future, could Jiang Weiyuan still kill people under the nose of the military?

Xu Cheng ran in a hurry. As he ran, he wanted to look back to see if Jiang Weiyuan had caught up.

As soon as he turned his head, he did not expect to bump into a person. He was hit and almost fell to the ground, but the person opposite was motionless.

As soon as Xu Cheng looked up, he realized that what he hit was Shen Moyan, who he didn’t know what was doing at night. He also carried a transparent bag from a gas station supermarket. Inside the bag were some transparent colored crystals.

“Why, where are you going so late?”

After Shen Moyan asked, Xu Cheng heard the sound of someone stepping on the grass behind him, and he burst into cold sweat.

There are jackals in front and tigers behind.

It was a death anyway! It was better to take a gamble!

At the risk of getting a headshot in the next second, he grabbed Shen Moyan’s arm and exhausted his life’s acting skills to show a shocked and horrified look, “Before, we were not good, but this time you must save us! Jiang Weiyuan is crazy! He wants to kill all of us!”

The footsteps behind him paused, and Xu Cheng could imagine what Jiang Weiyuan would look like at this time without even looking. Although Shen Moyan did threaten them before, it didn’t really hurt their lives! Xu Cheng only prayed that Shen Moyan was not as cold-blooded as he showed, and wouldn´t let him die.

Xu Cheng was right. After hearing his reversal of black and white, Jiang Weiyuan really wanted to peel him at this moment.

Xu Cheng had already wittily hidden behind Shen Moyan, even if Shen Moyan asked what happened, as long as he could delay a little time, it would be beneficial to him. He could find the right opportunity to escape.

“You want to kill them all?”

Hearing Shen Moyan really asking questions, Xu Cheng suddenly sighed in relief. Before he could finish his breath, he was picked up by Shen Moyan from behind and threw in front of Jiang Weiyuan very rudely.

“Don’t miss it.”

Shen Moyan reminded him kindly.

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