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BS 9

Becoming Stronger in the Last Days (7)

Jiang Weiyuan glanced at the man who was sitting in the passenger seat and looked out the window, he didn’t know what he was thinking. After thinking for a while, he realized that he and the other party did not have any topics in common, so he didn’t take the initiative to speak.

They were now driving all the way to the west. At first, they said they would take turns driving, and the other party did not feel any dissatisfaction. Until Jiang Weiyuan personally realized what the driving state of this person was, he didn’t know that the other party didn’t even had a driver’s license.

After getting an ability, their physique had changed greatly, so, even if they were driving, they would not feel tired, at most it would be boring.

That night, the simple act of Shen Moyan made Jiang Weiyuan dispel the suspicion that they were a gang, not to mention that Xu Cheng did not hesitate to slander him in front of him at the time, he also confirmed that he wanted to seek shelter from the other party. With this in mind, Jiang Weiyuan did not act on Shen Moyan that night, and even they were getting along very peacefully now, but Jiang Weiyuan was still very curious about where he went alone at night.

At first, he thought that Shen Moyan left alone to give Xu Cheng a chance to get him up by himself, but after discovering that this kind of conjecture was unreasonable, he became more and more suspicious. What was he doing in the forest at that time? What was the bag of crystals he brought back?

He drove the car while thinking.

After seeing the dusk all the way from the morning, they finally reached their destination. To be precise, Jiang Weiyuan arrived at his destination. To Shen Moyan it was more convenient to follow Jiang Weiyuan.

With Jiang Weiyuan’s neuropathic personality in the late stage of the plot, in the experience that Su Xiao didn’t know, Jiang Weiyuan probably didn´t have a good life. What can break people in these last days? Except for human nature, it was probably a zombie.

In the plot, Jiang Weiyuan only briefly mentioned to Su Xiao that their base was destroyed by advanced zombies. How could Jiang Weiyuan’s ability not even be able to solve an advanced zombie? So obviously, the number of zombies was probably not as simple as Jiang Weiyuan’s dictation in the plot.

He wanted to find the first batch of advanced zombies, and only Jiang Weiyuan, the founder of the survivor base, knew the specific location.

“We are here.” Jiang Weiyuan said.

The sound of the car moving attracted two or three zombies. At this time, after the car stopped, the zombies surrounded them. Jiang Weiyuan opened the door and kicked it. The zombies close to the door were knocked to the ground, he quickly solved them, and soon there was no movement.

After Jiang Weiyuan got rid of the zombies on his side, he looked back at Shen Moyan’s side, but saw that he had also gotten out of the car, with two headless zombies under his feet.

He just wanted to go up and greet him when he was ready to leave, but he saw that the black leather glove on the right hand of Shen Moyan was like a painting with ink dropping. Drops of black liquid fell from his fingertips and quickly rushed into the brain of the zombies who were still screaming with their mouths open, there was something flying back in the black liquid in no time.

Shen Moyan stretched out his left hand, and the thing wrapped in molten iron fell into his palm, it was two crystal stones of different colors but equally clear.

Under the condition that he didn’t need to do it himself, Shen Moyan’s old problems of cleanliness began to occur again. Looking at his life in prison and the brutal appearance of zombies when he first arrived in this world, it was estimated that no one would think he had a habit of cleanliness.

Shen Moyan’s cleanliness was based on circumstances. As long as conditions permit, he would not make himself dirty. If conditions did not permit, as long as he can achieve his goal, he didn’t mind what he would become.

He put away the crystal, and when he turned his head, he saw the stunned expression on Jiang Weiyuan’s face.

“…” Jiang Weiyuan, who had witnessed the source of the crystal with his own eyes, remembered the bag of crystal Shen Moyan had last night. He was a little bit incredulous to believe that this person went into the woods by himself at night to find zombies.

But at the same time this also meant that these crystals had a special use, otherwise he would not specially collect them at the risk of death.

He thought for a while, after all, he still didn’t cut the head of the zombie under his feet to find the crystal inside.

Perhaps it was very easy for Shen Moyan to cut the head of a zombie who was a human not long ago, but this was different for Jiang Weiyuan.

Two days ago, he was an ordinary person. He had no abilities and nothing special. At most, he was a little richer than most people. He was more decisive and vicious than other board members in the company, but even so, Jiang Weiyuan felt that he was just an ordinary person whose temper was not particularly good.

He was able to headshot the zombies without hesitation not long after he got the power, but he couldn’t mercilessly kill Xu Cheng and others who tried to betray him. Jiang Weiyuan at best taught them a little lesson. On this point alone, he and Shen Moyan were far apart, so now he couldn’t find the crystal in the zombie’s head either.

“It’s okay, let’s go.” He locked the door, took the key, and walked forward.

Shen Moyan walked behind him.

Their car parked at the gate of a nursing home. Jiang Weiyuan rushed to drove here when the end of the world broke out. It was because his grandparents were here.

Jiang Weiyuan’s family was indeed a big family, but it was not the Jiang family that was strong. Even Jiang Weiyuan’s company was not named Jiang. His father’s family was just an ordinary family, and his mother was the real rich daughter. It was more accurate to say that his father was the one to enter the family.

Although he took his father’s surname, he still had a twin brother who followed his mother’s surname. It can be said that if it weren’t for Jiang Weiyuan’s means and that his younger brother couldn´t do business, he, who had a different surname, would never be able to inherit the company. The previous generation in the family had also started to talk about changing his surname, but no one thought that the end of the world would come so suddenly.

Jiang Weiyuan had no sense of belonging to the family. As a rich and powerful party, They opened their way as early as the zombie outbreak, and rushed to the military to escape overnight. Only he still remembered the grandparents who stayed in the nursing home. When he was young, the family listened to a Taoist´s divination, so Jiang Weiyuan was not cultivated as an heir. He spent a long time in his childhood with his grandparents, and he was always thinking about the two old people.

At this moment, he saw the ruined appearance of the nursing home, and his heart suddenly shook.

He couldn’t help speeding up, and he almost ran to the door of the nursing home. There was a stone wall surrounding the nursing home, but half of the iron door at the door fell to the ground. In the yard, a few zombies were walking aimlessly, and the door in the middle of the building was wide open, the zombies wandering inside could be seen.

There was no doubt that this place had been completely occupied by zombies.

“No matter what you are here for, can you please come in with me now? I want to confirm the situation of my family.” For the first time, he cautiously asked Shen Moyan.

Jiang Weiyuan didn’t trust Shen Moyan, but he couldn’t help but admit that he was indeed a strong teammate under the premise that Shen Moyan had not revealed what he wanted to do.

Shen Moyan agreed, even if Jiang Weiyuan didn’t say it, he would go to harvest all the crystal of the nursing home.

The area of ​​this nursing home was not particularly large, the building was biased towards the west, and the price before the end of the world was considerable. It took them two or three hours to run through the five-story nursing home. When they pushed a room on the last floor, Jiang Weiyuan, who was so heavy on the way, was completely stunned.

The room was messy, with blood stains and torn cloth everywhere, and a photo of the old couple smiling together on the bedside.

Jiang Weiyuan’s brain was blank. He thought he might be able to catch up if he came quickly, but at this moment he was hit hard by reality.

He was almost desperate and stuck in place, and there was no response for a while.

Shen Moyan looked at Jiang Weiyuan’s appearance with cold eyes, and he thought, he could probably defeat him without any effort.

The black iron that had always been attached to his right arm once again condensed into a black long knife in his hand. Standing in front of Jiang Weiyuan, he raised his hand in front of him and pierced his face with the knife.

The sharp and cold blade passed by his face, but Jiang Weiyuan seemed to have a slow response. After a while, he turned his head and looked behind him. The hideous zombie was stabbed through the head.

He froze for a while before slowly saying “Thank you.”

As soon as he finished saying his thanks, he was pushed by the collar on one side of the wall. Although Jiang Weiyuan didn’t understand what he wanted to do, he was not in the mood to ask or resist.

He was punched in the stomach by Shen Moyan without evasiveness. The huge pain occupied all his thinking at the moment. He couldn’t even think about the situation of his family, and could only subconsciously hold onto himself.

“What are you doing!”

Shen Moyan still carried the black iron long knife in his hand. He carried Jiang Weiyuan and threw him out. Faced with his question, he said, “Fight with me and use your abilities.”

With Jiang Weiyuan’s current state, he could stab him to death with a single stab. There was no doubt that this nursing home would be the place where Jiang Weiyuan will build a survivor base in the future, knowing that advanced zombies will appear. It can be said that whether Jiang Weiyuan was alive did not mean much to him.

It’s just that he couldn’t guarantee that if he stabbed the current Jiang Weiyuan with a single stab, would the system determine that his mission was successful? He had no reason to kill Jiang Weiyuan. Although a stab was more convenient, Jiang Weiyuan was a very good. Okay, he would use him to study the material of the system task judgment standard.

Jiang Weiyuan didn’t know what was going on with Shen Moyan suddenly. After being beaten up, he became sober. Looking at the expressionless but not joking person on the opposite side, he felt baffled.

Shen Moyan made it clear that he didn’t want to listen to him. As soon as he uttered the first word, the sound of a sharp object piercing the air made him immediately have to make preparations for battle.

No matter how quickly Jiang Weiyuan reacted, his face was cut through. He wiped his face, and after seeing the blood on his hands, his anger suddenly rose.

The floor where they were located was full of metal, the carts for transporting drugs were metal, the wheelchairs in the corridors were also metal, and the doorknob chandeliers, pots and bowls could be said to be the home of Shen Moyan.

This did not mean that Jiang Weiyuan would lose. His ability was to manipulate thunder and lightning. Regardless of whether he himself understands the principles of electromagnetism or not, the ability itself was like a part of the body. Once used, he could remember the feeling forever.

In terms of abilities, Jiang Weiyuan could be regarded as the nemesis of Shen Moyan.

But the ability is not only about the attributes, as long as the enough, the fire attribute can crush the water attribute, after obtaining the abilities, Shen Moyan trained and familiarized himself with his abilities, in terms of skill, he was stronger than Jiang Weiyuan.

After adapting to the discomfort of the metal being controlled by electromagnetic interference at the beginning, Shen Moyan quickly changed his strategy. He gave up the long knife and used Jiang Weiyuan to interfere with all the iron thorns at once. The lightning ability should have been a long-range attack. For the sake of suitability, Jiang Weiyuan, who had just received the ability for a short time, had not been able to control it well, and he was better at making his own attacks with power enhancements.

The corridor was not spacious, he was shackled, but within half an hour he was slammed against the wall by the black iron, which was free of movement and its shape could change almost at will. He slid down the wall, his throat was fishy and he coughed up blood.

Shen Moyan´s state was not very good, but it looked better than Jiang Weiyuan’s appearance.

The system did not give him any hints to complete the optional tasks, which meant that even if the current Jiang Weiyuan was defeated, he would not be judged to have complete the task.

“You are too weak now.” Shen Moyan concluded.

If it were the usual Jiang Weiyuan, he would probably think that this person was so awkward to speak, but at this moment, he lowered his head, sitting decadently by the wall, raising his hand to wipe the blood from his mouth.

He was telling the truth. If it weren’t for him to be too weak, maybe he could arrive earlier, and he wouldn’t crash the engine to avoid the zombies and delay the travel.

“Go, you can drive that car by yourself.”

After fiercely fighting and completely venting, Jiang Weiyuan calmed down completely. He decided to stay here. The zombies here were almost cleaned up. He could build a shelter here, at least if there were more shelters, those who were alive could escape here, and it could give those people a ray of life.

As for Shen Moyan, he had no reason to force him to stay.

He somewhat guessed why Shen Moyan suddenly asked for a fight with him. If he saw that the opponent was languished by the fight, he would probably do the same.

Although this method of encouraging people was a bit too rude.

Jiang Weiyuan only felt pain all over his body.

“No, I don’t plan to leave.” Shen Moyan did not realize that he was beautified by others’ brains. He walked to Jiang Weiyuan, who was sitting on the ground against the wall, and said in a serious tone.

“I will wait for you to become stronger. Before you become stronger, I have to make sure that you will not die elsewhere.”

“It’s as if you want to protect me.” Jiang Weiyuan couldn’t help but smiled, his smile affected the wound, and suddenly closed his mouth in pain.

Shen Moyan made a serious promise as if he hadn’t heard joking tone.

“Of course, I will protect you.”

Jiang Weiyuan was startled when he heard the words, he raised his head and looked at each other in a daze.

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